Waiting for Christmas in Hollókő - The tradition of caroling

Waiting for Christmas in Hollókő - The tradition of caroling

The tradition of caroling, associated with the period leading up to Christmas, has always been a vibrant tradition in Hollókő. Local children eagerly anticipate the opportunity to join the caroling group each year, which provides a genuine sense of community for all participants.

During this time, they go from house to house, carrying with them the ancient wooden nativity scene. Upon reaching each household in Hollókő, they request permission to enter and once inside, they light the two candles in front of the nativity scene. Following this, they sing Christmas carols while keeping the rhythm with their rattles, evoking the story of the poor shepherds approaching the crib of baby Jesus. They wear shepherd disguises consisting of turned-out lamb skin hats, lamb skin cloaks, and the aforementioned rattling staff.


During the short presentation, which requires lengthy preparation and rehearsal, each participant recites a brief verse appropriate to their role, and they sing Christmas carols together. In Hollókő, the texts dating back over 100 years are still recounted by the younger generations each year, ensuring that this tradition continues to thrive for future generations.

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