Traditional programs in Hollókő!

„Tradition is a deep, deep well: the source of human life. Only by filling oneself with the water of this well can a person become what they must be.”

Attila Végh

Team Building Activities

Our event center located in the heart of Hollókő serves as an excellent starting point for any team-building activities. Visit us and experience the unique cultural environment that can only be found in Hollókő

Guided tour programs

Discover Hollókő through our wide-ranging and diverse program offerings!
We believe that our traditions should not only be preserved but also practiced, so we welcome our guests with interactive programs

In the heart of Hollókő for over 30 years

Pajtakert: Preserving the Palóc traditions

Our family business has been welcoming guests for over 30 years. Our passion for folk arts is enduring through generations, and we strive to introduce our guests to our traditions and traditional Palóc way of life through interactive experiences and playful activities.

When it comes to programs in Hollókő, we offer numerous options for small and large groups alike, including all ages and nationalities. Our event venue, the Pajtakert, is situated right in the heart of the current village, and also at the beginning of the Old Village, making it an ideal starting point for both team building activities, other group events and guided tours!

Our programs in Hollókő require prior arrangement, and we can provide them in both English and Hungarian. In addition, for any corporate or other group activities we offer, you have the option to order scones, elderflower syrup, coffee, cottage cheese pie, strudel, pálinka, or even lángos. For more information, visit our Palóc Gastronomy page!

Visit us and discover Hollókő, the Gem of Palóc land!


Guided tours

Choose our local tour guide! Our tours are available in Hungarian and English.

Széleskörű programkínálat

Wide range of programs

Személyre szabott programkínálat az Ön igényének megfelelően!

Gyors ügyintézés

Quick and efficient handling of inquiries

Contact us and you'll receive a response within a day

Rugalmas időbeosztás

Flexible scheduling

As local residents, we can adjust the program schedule to suit your preferences

Discover the treasures of our past with our help

Folklore programs in Hollókő

Discover the unique gem of the World Heritage through our diverse local programs, guided by our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides from Hollókő

We provide diverse activities both in Hungarian and English which guarantees that everyone finds their most fitting opportunity!

In addition to our programs, you can also choose from our traditional catering options, which may include scones, strudel, lángos, cottage cheese pie, and drinks such as pálinka, elderflower syrup, coffee, or tea. For more information, visit our Palóc Gastronomy page!

Choose from our diverse range of activities and contact us for our unique offers!

Folklore programme and guided tour

Explore the ancient architecture, traditions, past and present life of Hollókő's Old Village with our expert tour guides

Presentation of the local folk costume

Try on the unique and beautiful traditional costumes of Hollókő with us, where each piece carries its own meaning and story!

Craft workshops

Learn the secrets of ancient crafts with us, so you can take home your own handmade souvenir from Hollókő

Visit us!

With the assistance of our local tour guides, you can discover the rich Palóc folk culture, traditions and customs

Not 'only' a team building!

Team Building Activities in Hollókő

With our wide range of program opportunities, you can experience the beauty of Palóc culture while enriching yourselves and your colleagues with a lifetime experience!

With the unparalleled beauty of its location Hollókő offers a wonderful journey to the old Hungarian countryside.

Choose from the following program opportunities, and for more detailed information, please contact us!

Palóc Team Building

Within the Palóc Team Building teams must prove their worth by quickly learning and doing different folk activities

Palóc Challenge

Contrary to the popular saying, things weren't necessarily better in the old days...During our Palóc Challenge, teams not only have to perform the tasks of the past fieldworks, but they also have to be careful not to get caught by the watchful shepherd!

Find the Raven!

The 'Find the Raven' team building activity is excellent for companies/teams who want to collaborate in exploring local legends and customs together

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    We received a warm welcome. We really enjoyed the activities, especially the folk costume presentation where my partner and I were dressed up. The lángos was divine, the elderflower syrup was delicious, and the guided tour was professional. We will definitely come back!


      They organized a very professional team building for us! They are very kind and attentive! If we happen to be in the area again, we will definitely come back here. 🙂


        Very kind and warm welcome, memorable experience❤️❤️❤️ Weaving workshop, Palóc folk costumes, tablecloths, fabrics ❤️❤️❤️ Blacksmith workshop, tools and equipment ❤️❤️❤️ Handicraft shop, handmade gifts ❤️❤️❤️


          Cozy guest reception, precise, comprehensive local history presentation! Thank you on behalf of the cheerful excursion group members of Monor and its surroundings.

          News and interesting facts about Palóc land


          What is 'Lucy's Day'?

          The most mysterious day of the Advent period is December 13th, the day of Saint Lucy, which is associated with numerous folk customs, superstitions, and beliefs

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